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Irregular and rough complexion & Stretch marks and mild wrinkles. Acne scars are the pimples which are visible on the face or other parts of the body. A most common cause of scars in face is severe adult or adolescent age acne. Although these scars continue long after the acne has abated, they can often be reduced by using laser resurfacing.

Acne scars are also categorized into different types. At first, they might appear as the reddish marks on the skin. But the marks are easy to abolish if treated at the correct time or at initial stages. As the time passes, scars begin to get deeper and are visible as discolouration or some spots on the face. Sometimes these acne are very severe and may damage the skin.

But there are some preventive measures that can be taken initially to stop these acne from spreading. If you get an acne be careful about it and do not pinch or rub it. If you control these acnes from spreading at initial stage, then chances develop that your skin will not get scars. But if they spreading a lot then you can opt for the treatment.

Some people believe in various myths regarding acne and scares. First of all, acne is not caused by drinking a lot of coffee and eating oily food. The main cause of acne is due to trapping of dead skin cells in the oil pores of the skin. That is why washing face again and again does not cure the acnes. The skin gets clogged and the air does not pass through it. And sometimes the pimples get filled with pus because excess oil is produced by the glands present under the skin. This may happen due to reaction of certain medication or diseases or hormonal changes.

Laser Acne scars treatment selection improves overall skin tone and gloss. For deep marked scars shouldering is done with Er-Yag 2940 laser on confined areas & inaccessible scars to level skin from top level to bottom level. Proximately treatment of full face is done with Pixel Er-Yag laser, which persuade a process of collagen regeneration.

The treatment results in filling of depressed scars & skin becomes tight again. Treatment with Er-Yag laser also reduces pigmentation and improves the texture of skin. Therefore it results in fairer glow which is very deep leading to skin looking more attractive and younger.

Laser Acne scars treatment is also beneficial besides Acne scar for melasma, Irregular pigmentation including sun spots and Sun damaged skin.

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